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Leveraging Behavioral Awareness to Transform Your Business

At Know Your Talents we’re all about behavioral awareness. Companies who understand the natural traits of individuals can implement this knowledge in every department of their organization. The results are real and measurable: increasing productivity, revenue, and morale, while lowering hiring times, turnover, and conflict.

It’s easy to get started! Whether your company is big or small, we can help you maximize success with our high level workshops:

PDP Certification

Train your own experts to understand behavior and drive positive change within your organization!

Team Essentials

Learn to gain trust and reduce conflict on teams for all managers, employees, and new employees.

Sales Process for Champions

Learn how behavior impacts sales, where sales professionals get stuck, and how to maximize strengths to close deals quickly.

One Page Strategic Plan

Build a plan with an end goal. Great for fast paced companies who need a simple foundation and communication system.

Leadership Impact!

Identify and measure styles of  leadership, decision making, and communication to lead effectively, coach right, and retain employees.

Each workshop is designed to offer the maximum benefit and impact for your organization. Why wait? The behavior you already have in your organization is just waiting to be leveraged for success!

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