Behavioral Experience!

I have had some amazing behavioral experiences this week. As we start our Tutor Tuesday Leadership Series in January, I thought this was a perfect story to share.

I was recently at a fruit and veggie market close to my home. It is always really busy. This particular day there were only three registers open and all three lines were long. As I moved up to the cashier, the store manager appears and shouts out “where is everyone?” My cashier says “I think they are on break”. Manager shouts back, “I was just in the back, no one is back there!” The Manager then steps over and opens her own register and starts taking customers.

In the meantime, my cashier says “how am I supposed to know where they are? And don’t you just love the tone?” Myself and the three long lines of customers stood in awe at the interaction.

The observation of the behaviors between these two was eye opening. You have to wonder, did the Manager have the awareness of her own behavior? Did she understand how that interaction impacted the team members that were at their registers working? The customers, what did that do to the business? As Managers, we hold the key to our employees’ success. Understanding behavior, not only of others but of ourselves can truly make a difference. Do you know your behavioral strengths? Those of your staff?

Melanie Benitez, Client Services Manager

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