Gratitude for Behavioral Awareness


Recognizing Your Co-Workers and Their Behavioral Traits

During this season of gratitude we have the opportunity to recognize our co-workers, leaders, and employees. They are some of the kindest, hard working, most intelligent people we know! The different behavioral traits of those around us allows us to grow, learn, and accomplish amazing things we couldn’t have done alone. Take a moment to appreciate the diversity and strengths their behavioral styles bring. Tell them you appreciate them and their efforts; a little workplace recognition can go a long way!

It’s more than just a nice thing to say!

Recognition matters , resulting in happier employees who are more productive and stick around longer. One study found happier employees are 12% more productive on average! All it takes is a little encouragement and appreciation of the work they do everyday. Increased production and lower turnover costs alone can boost revenue. Don’t save your thanks for the season either. Cultivating a culture of gratitude and self improvement means growth for everyone, year round!

There’s lots of ways to show your appreciation, from small gestures to full blown events. Remember to recognize individuals in front of co-workers, at a relevant time when you can, and be inclusive with any programs you start. Consider implementing some of the great ideas from this article :

  • Hold an employee appreciation day or event
  • Send thank you cards or emails
  • Create an employee of the month or recognition board
  • Offer cash bonuses or treats like free lunches, or company swag
  • Celebrate worthy occasions
  • And don’t forget to just say thanks!

We get to see entire organizations transformed by incorporating behavioral techniques like employee recognition. It’s a wonderful thing to see, and it’s even better to be a part of! We’d be thrilled to have the opportunity to nurture behavioral awareness in your organization. Ready to leverage the behavior of your workforce with proven results? Let us help!

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